Day Winner

Roy Pentecost

Russell Cheetham

Steve Jones

18 Metre Nationals 2008, Bicester

Friday's News

8:15 am The Met is a bit better today than the last few days. We have set a couple of nice tasks, which will be revealed after briefing.
Until then, just dream of the wonderful weather and those hot ships racing through the sky.

Task A Bicester East - Cambridge North - Rushden - Hungerford North - Aylesbury - Bicester A/F = 348.4km
Task B Bicester East - Caxton Gibbet - Rushden - Didcot - Aylesbury - Bicester A/F = 261.1km
First Launch 11:30. Oops, now pushed back to 12:00
11:55 I can see Max walking over the airfield with a large pile of paper - there may be a new task, but as I'm locked in my cupboard just now, I'll have to wait till the guards let me out for exercise before I can confirm that.
First launch not before 1:00 - change that, first launch will be at 12:40, on Task B - the pile of paper was probably just a scam.

12:55 The sky is now looking a lot more inviting than it has for the last few days, let's hope we have a racing task. Howard Jones asked what that was at briefing, as it's so long since a UK National has had one. I think the call of a 7.2kt thermal might help things today.

Start line opened at 13:31 First to start was CB at 13:35, then 601 at 13:37, with 900, LS6 and R6 at 13:40
Z12 at 13:41, 124 and G9 at 13:42, 64 at 13:44, 24 at 13:45
13:55 Several small groups going off at two minute intervals now.
And then a bigger group at 13:58 - 14:00, with Z12 restarting at 13:55
14:11 All have called a start now - the last two were DW restarting at 14:07, then CC at 14:11

15:00 It's quiet now, but I wonder if the pilots will complain about the task - well it's traditional to complain, but for some of them it's a passionate pastime. Have we under-set? Or over-set? Probably both.
15:20 Just heard that 94 is down east of Bedford with one TP claimed, and 24 is down S.E. of Wellingborough with two TPs. Meanwhile I hear many restarts being called from Lasham pilots, and that several have landed out from HusBos. Hope this isn't a bad omen for all the comps.

15:50 I can hear some guys making their way to the third TP, but unfortunately 304 has call landing back, non-comp.
But 630 has just called 10km !(started 13:40)
16:00 A few more landouts - 660 close to Santa Pod (1 TP), 584 with 2 TPs, 25 east of Wellingborough with 2 TPs, and KBS at Bedford A/F (1 TP)
16:06 900 has just called 10km (started 13:40), but V2C has called a non-comp finish at much the same time. And 5 mins later 124 also non-comp finish.
16:18 And 601 (13:37) called 10km, as did B3 (13:43) and E1 (13:58, one of the later starters), but KV and SH landing back, with 210 (13:54 start) just behind them.
16:23 LS6 is 5km, G9 and R6 10km - all the finishers are very close in overall task time. Several others finishing as well over the next five minutes.
Including LE and F2 calling 10km at 16:33

16:50 Scoring is starting now, so have a look at the results page in an hour or so.
17:00 And another gaggle of finishers - 42, DW, 352 and some others (late starters), meaning a reasonable number have got round.
17:57 - And another mini-gaggle is returning even at this time - 161, 68, X4 and 676 - wonder where they've been? Probably went the pretty way.
18:27 And 565 and JA are STILL airborne!!!

There will be a few changes near the top when the overalls are produced, but we might leave updating them until airspace and penalties have been fully analysed, which might be quite late tonight or tomorrow morning.
19:01 And 565 and JA are now on marginal final glides! Zero speed points, but 1000 points for determination.


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