18 Metre Nationals 2008, Bicester

Competition Images

Selecting and processing images from the thousands usually made available to the organisers can be very time consuming. However, we do intend to stick some up here as and when time permits.

A set of images of almost all the competitors is available now, thanks to Ron Smith

Some images from Day One, by Nick Kelly

Colin McInnes ponders the task Dave Watt finishing G9 finishing on Day One 25 and the rather tall trees of R/W240 660 Testing the wheel brake (Oops!) The LS6, finishing on Day One


Some from Day Two (Ron Smith)

Jez Hood, winner Day Two Gary S. third Day Two Leigh Wells finishing Day Two


Some from Day Four (Nick Kelly)

Squeezing through the gap F2 was so relieved to get back 630- so fast this was the only image we got 210 finishing, Day Four 210 showing his elegant wing shape V2C - and then I'll dive for the line


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