Day Winner

No new faces I'm afraid.



Kindly donated one of the overall prizes - a copy of their excellent task-setting software.

Waverley TBS

Kindly donated a case of wine for the overall prizes

18 Metre Nationals 2008, Bicester

Monday's News

9:00am It has rained a bit overnight and is a bit wet. We don't want to scrub early if there is any chance of a weather window, and so we have moved briefing back to 11:00. We will update things again after briefing.

11:15 We have scrubbed. But on the positive side, I have had breakfast at a more sensible time than yesterday's 3:30pm.

Late news - it was OJ's birthday yesterday (X17). He kept quiet about that one.

First prize for the overall winner will be a flat-screen tv with Freeview and a DVD player built in.


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