Day Winner

Russell Cheetham

Leigh Wells

Steve Jones

18 Metre Nationals 2008, Bicester

Saturday's News

8:15am Today (Day Five) looks like a good day, better than yesterday. Tasks are being set at this very moment.
Remember, they are racing for a first prize of an LG flat screen tv with Freeview

10:20 Well, as we haven't set one so far this comp, today is AAT Day - yipee.
3 hours minimum Bicester East - Isley (50km wedge) - Manton (50km wedge) - Mursley (20km sector) - Bicester A/F
Min distance - 269.9km, Max distance - 501.2km. And first launch is scheduled for 11:00am

11:10 Sniffer has found several nice thermals, and cloudbase is rising.
First launch will be at 11:30 And the sky's looking good out there.

They're off! First out the traps was B3 at 12:26, then LE at 12:31, followed by 911, 601 and CB at 12:32, then 7A at 12:33, then DW and V2C at 12:34, 304 at 12:35
A bunch at 12:35 - 12:40 , but where they go is more important than their exact start times.
Another bunch at 12:42 - 12:45 - they're not hanging about today. Although a couple of the early ones have re-started, including DW and LE
Another group around 12:52, and still about ten others to go. But listening to them chattering away, this last lot seem intent on a later start.
161 at 13:10, LS6 at 13:13
13:22 and off go LE (yet again), F2, 410, E11 and SH - only two left now (in theory)
More restarts - LE at 13:32 and 630 at 13:31 (almost an hour after LE's first start),
Then 210 at 13:34, while E1 sneaked off earlier at 13:14 - that's everyone called a start (or four in one case)

15:26 And B3 calls 20km out (start 12:26) Then X1 (12:37) and 601 (12:32) at 10km (15:35) followed by XS (12:40) at 15:39
Looks like they've been watching the clock carefully.
15:42 sees 660 (12:37) calling five mins. And at 15:46 E11 (13:22) calls 10km (oops), followed by KV (12:42) and 565 (12:37). Then L19 (12:44) and JA (12:40) 10km out. Z12 (12:53) 5 mins. We should get a steady stream of finishers over the next hour. But where did they go?
15:52 Sky doesn't look quite as good as they'd want it to be, it's a bit flat towards Mursley.
15:55 DW (12:53), 700 (12:40) and 325 (12:42) all have 10km to run, with G9 (12:50), CB (12:32), 949 (12:38) and 25 (12:50) two minutes behind them
15:58 KBS(12:53) is 5km out, LS8 (12:44) at 10km. And a Mustang is overhead now waiting to land. Thought it was a bit loud for a turbo coming home.
16:06 Quite a few returning now. We had 29 finishers yesterday, might do better today (can't say WE overset the distance, can they?)
16:10 Mustang landed
While we were all impressed by the Mustang, an old guy on walking sticks spoke to Alistair Kay, the pilot, about how he'd flown one for real - that was even more impressive.

16:44 LE and 410, two very late starters at 13:32ish, called 10km out (I might have missed a few finishers by going to look at the Mustang, but hey, I've logged a couple of hundred finishers this week, and only one Mustang...)
16:49 210 is 6km out
17:10 And 630 called 10km out, after starting at 13:31

17:15 I'm told everyone has landed back at Bicester - 50 finishers! So now the long slog of scoring begins - Max has just said 120kph behind me while looking at a trace, but you'll have to wait to find out if that's the winner or the average speed, and who it was for a while yet. Oh, I'm such a little tease.
Just seen a flight time of 3:00:01 - now that's cutting it fine!
17:42 And scoring is going very well, with no waiting for loggers coming in from fields - we might have a full set of scores available by 18:00 at this rate.

18:10 Scores are on the doors - and the results page. There may be a few more "admin" penalties, but not many.
"Dear Mum, the scorer gave me 100.0kph. Finished 35th..."

20:50 Oops I've just been told I've been uploading the scores without a results page link to them... sorry. (At least I put them up the same day, not three days later...)


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