Day Winner

Leigh Wells

Alistair Nunn

Gary Stingemore

18 Metre Nationals 2008, Bicester

Sunday's News

8:00am Good morning! And welcome to the opening day at the 18m Nationals. Graham the WeatherMan says it will improve. We will be posting the task details after briefing.

10:40am The main task is Bicester East - Caxton Gibbet - Manton - Bedford - Bicester Airfield = 248.7km
The fallback task is Bicester East - St Neots - Kettering - Woburn - Bicester Airfield = 182.8km

11:55 We are on the fallback task, and will launch at 12:10

13:35 CC is the first one to start. Followed by KV. More starters at 13:50 ish
Several re-starts, then another gaggle at 14:24ish
14:45 Several pilots have re-started an hour after their first start - good tactics? or bad luck forcing them back?

15:30 No finishers yet, and no land-outs either. So the start line is now going for breakfast.
(The MetMan did a runner soon after the last glider launched, just in case they all landed back.)

16:00 B3 anounced "about ten minutes" as the first finisher - he started at 13:46
16:06 900 at 10km (13:53), 584 at 12km (13:52), No. 7 also 10km - started 14:13
16:13 42 called 10km (14:06), followed by CC (13:55)
16:14 Z12 is 12km out, and G9, X4, 949 and G9, a few seconds later, at 10km, with 42 and 630 a minute later
16:18 LS6 10km - first of the later starters (14:35) then X17 called two mins (start 14:07) and DW at 10km (14:29)
16:19 LS8 is 10km (14:02), as is 660 (14:08)

16:22 LE (14:47) and 25 (14:04) are 10km, as is 24 (14:09), while 911 is landing back
and F2 (14:30) is 2km, while JA (13:58) is 10km
16:25 700 (13:49) at 10km (think I've missed a couple, can't type fast enough)
16:30 X1 and XS are 5 minutes out, with E1 (all 14:48) 10km away. A couple are still trying hard to climb to get on to glide from the sounds of it.
16:38 68 is 10km away

Scores are being updated as I type this - the winner was FAST. See the menu for the results.

19:00 Scoring is going well, a few logger problems waiting to be resolved and almost everyone has got back. 41 completed the task, several turboed back, and only a couple landed out.


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