Day Winner

Leigh Wells

Jez Hood

Russell Cheetham

18 Metre Nationals 2008, Bicester

Sunday's News

8:00am It has rained overnight and first thing in the morning, but there are rumours of an afternoon clearance, and there is a chance of a task. Briefing postponed until 12:00

12:15 Today's task is set
Bicester NorthWest - Winchcombe - Northampton West - Calvert - Bicester A/F = 164.7km
First possible launch 12:45 - Just announced First Launch will be at 13:00

First to start was SH at 13:57, when the gate opened, with 601 and LE at 13:59, then 900 and DW at 14:01, and KBS at 14:03
14:00 - 14:12 saw a continuous stream of calls, then some restarts LE, 210, and 410 at 14:14, then SH at 14:17
Start times appearing online now
14:30 Almost all gone now - I may have missed a few however, due to lots of static on my radio.
The Mustang went at 15:00 after checking it flew properly ;)
Then 601 landed out near Morton-in-the-Marsh. X17 landed out somewhere as well (correction - turboed home)

15:42 G9 is approaching Calvert (started 14:05) and E1 is 5km (14:08) as is XS (14:10), with No. 7 (14:06) just 2 mins behind as is E11 and DW (14:01)
And a min behind them is 307 (14:06), plus 352 (14:15 the last one to start)
15:50 As Ginger Spice would say, "It's raining men (in gliders)", with a steady stream of finishers
16:05 A bit of a lull now, not sure how many have made it back so far, but it's a fair number.
16:43 All gliders accounted for, most got back.
17:05 Scoring is progressing well - of course there's still penalties to check for, but we don't expect many of them.
And this time I put a link in to the results...
We had 43 finishers, some DNF, some turboed home and one land-out.


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