Day Winner




Kindly donated one of the overall prizes - a copy of their excellent task-setting software.

Waverley TBS

Kindly donated a case of wine for the overall prizes

18 Metre Nationals 2008, Bicester

Tuesday's News

8:00am Good morning everyone. As another day dawns, the MetMan is studying his seaweed and lucky rabbit's foot, and then the BBC.
8:45 Briefing is postponed until 12:00 - we have to try to find a task, according to the BGA Director's Notes

The logger files for Day One are now on line by popular demand. Use the link on each day's results page. Other day's logger files will be added after each day's protest period has passed.

10:30am Most of the other comps on have also postponed briefing to 12:00 now.

12:15 We scrubbed.

A collection of images of almost all the competitors is available via the images page. So now you can see what the heroic glorious pilots look like.


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