Day Winners
Day Two

Jez Hood

Iain Evans

Gary Stingemore
joint third

Chris Starkey
joint third

18 Metre Nationals 2008, Bicester

Wednesday's News

8:00am Today is slightly better than yesterday, and Mr MetMan says there might be a window of opportunity. Briefing at 10:00am

10:30 We have set a task for the brave heroes and their mighty 18m wings.
Task A Calvert - Papworth - Bozeat - Bicester A/F = 155.5km
Task B Bicester East - Papworth - Eyebrook - Bicester A/F = 205.6km
First launch is currently set for 12:00
11:50 The sniffer is up. But he is a bit quiet just now.
11:57 First launch at 12:10, on Task A - obviously the sniffer was on a different frequency to me! And the MetMan has just shown me a web cam with lots of nice fluffy clouds streeting. Not here admittedly, but nice clouds.

13:13 First to start is DW, with 410 a few mins later at 13:16
13:30 And off goes 304, LS6, 949, then at 13:33 it's V11
13:40 Quite a few now, CC, 900, DW, 304, with F2 and 210 two mins earlier
X17 at 13:43, Z12 at 13:42, Js at 13:44 and KBS at 13:52. That's only half of them so far.
13:55 Bit of a gaggle starting now, and a few restarts too - see the start times page.
14:20 And only five gliders I haven't heard from - or maybe I missed them

15:10 I'm told that 949, 410 and 25 are on the ground at Grandsen. They were among the early starters.
15:15 One or two gliders thinking of landing back, abandoning the task. - It was No. 7
16:00 And a few more are down - 700 at Grandsden, KV at Sackville Farm (one TP), KBS at Warrington (two TPs), 630 at Bozeat, LE at Wellingborough (two TPs) and JS at Collingtree.
16:25 X1, 370, E11 and a few others are turboing home. V2C coming back too, L19 also. Apparently 28 of them have turbos. Bet the others wished they did too.

18:10 As far as I know, everyone is accounted for, no finishers. Scoring is progressing slowly as loggers arrive from retrieves. First scores are available via the Task-Results page in the menu.

19:45 At the present moment there are only about a dozen loggers left to examine. Jez Hood seems to have won in his LS8, with Iain Evans second in the Revalation, with Gary Stingemore tying for third in his ASG29 with Chris Starkey in his ASW27. But with several loggers to go, things may change...

10:48 And we've done all the loggers, put the day's results up, and the overall results too. At present, overall Leigh Wells is first, Gary Stingemore is second and Dave Watt is third. More details available via the task-results menu item (for the poor guy in uras who couldn't read the menu on his dud monitor)


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