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Monday. It's raining. Let's see if it stops sometime.
Later - it hasn't stopped for more than a few minutes at a time.

Welcome to the UK Junior Nationals 2005 web site!

Monday 22nd 13:45
It's official - we've scrubbed for the day.
A few pictures have been added to the site now.

Monday 22nd 12:30
No task set yet, and it is unlikely we will fly today. If we formally scrub, it will be around 2 pm.

Monday 22nd 10:20
It has stopped raining.
We have been asked about logger traces. There was no plan to put these on the web, but they will be made available on a cd along with full results and tasks, after the comp (for a nominal fee).

Monday 22nd 9:23 am
Scores have been updated with the last few problem loggers and placed on the web. (One competitor had to use his third logger!)
Weather - it's wet. Very wet. Briefing postponed until 12:00, and the met says there is a chance of a clearance, perhaps.

Sunday 21st - 23:10
Provisional scores are out, with a few penalties.

Sunday - Debriefing
The all-conquering Worlds Team were quizzed on the flight. Everyone had a very blue day, and haze caps were notable by their absence. Some people saw 5 kts, but 3.5kts was more common. Even the Worlds Team admitted to being forced to take 2kts to avoid landing out (well, when most of them avoided landing out...). Most pilots felt the first leg was difficult. Several dumped some water at this stage. On the second leg those who used the higher ground were rewarded by better climbs, but eventually dumped more water.
In the maggot racing everyone was cheering on AV as he roared ahead - until Swindon where he stopped to admire the view and let everyone past. The crowd tried to make him move on and cheered when he finally got away.
The third leg was later reported as tricky by several other pilots, who eventually found combine harvesters very reliable.
We're still trying to score the comp however, so we'll have to wait and see for a while.
Scoring nearly complete now.

Sunday 21st 19:07
All gliders accounted for, scoring is underway at present.

Sunday 21st - 17:00
A steady stream of finishers now.

Sunday 21st - 16:46
The first finishers are arriving now - AV, 6B, T19, 70, and 194

Sunday 21st - 16:36
We have a couple more confirmed landouts - 942 and 424.

Sunday 21st - 15:43
The first landout of the comp was Mike Fox, the Assistant National Coach in 99. Congratulations on a first - it could be your only one! Others down include Z6 and 503.

Sunday 14:08
We have a steady stream of starts now. Original task has been confirmed.

Sunday 21st August 12:32
The first glider has just launched, but we believe they are still on the orginal 195km task. We had cumulus locally but it is now going a bit blue here, with cumulus about 10km away.

Sunday 21st August, 11:27am
It looks good outside the window, and the tasksetter is now re-tasking for a bigger distance. You read it here before the competitors!

Sunday 21st August, 11:00am
Task is 195km, to be posted on the site soon.
First launch is set for 12:00 am.

Sunday 21st August 9:00am
We will be tasking today. More details after briefing at 10:00am

Saturday 20th August
Trailer and caravans arriving at regular intervals all the time now. Many pilots are having a flight to familiarise themselves with the local area.

Friday 19th August
Junior team has a clean sweep - 1st, 2nd and 3rd - in the World Juniors Standard Class as preparation for the Nationals! Well done!

Monday 15th August
The first Junior (Ollie Peters) arrives on site and flies 370km as a warm up.