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The UK Junior Nationals Gliding Comp
Saturday. Outside it looks a bit grey, but who knows, things could improve, and we might make this Day 5.


Saturday 27th August 8:21 am
Outside the sky is grey and overcast, but the weather forecast I just looked at says it is sunny just now! Should warm up a bit better than yesterday. If you believe weathermen that is. Sorry about the american web host's server going done for half of yesterday, but they wake up later over there and we eventually set up a second duplicate site on borrowed web space, only to have the original come on line within a minute of doing so!

Friday 26th, 22:00
Scoring complete for the night, hopefully no complaints, overalls updated too. Day 4 winner pictures will be added tomorrow.

Friday 26th 18:05
Day Four. Half the loggers analysed so far, and 410 points for the current winner. We expect the day total to rise a bit more with time.

Friday 26th, 17:22
All pilots accounted for and many have passed Y, so day points are increasing steadily. We will not update the overall results page until most loggers are analyzed. until then, do the arithmatic.

Friday 26th 16:22
We've analysed the first few loggers and have several gliders past Y. So we have yet another contest day.

Friday 26th 15:25
A few are now gliding back to Bicester to "land out" here as it is on track to the next TP. Including R10, 134, SH3, 296, T19, 486, T5.

Friday 26th, 15:13
We can hear a gaggle on the radio near Silverstone. Unfortunately they don't sound too happy. It's a bit overcast just now.

Friday 26th, 14:05
Almost everyone has started now.

Friday 26th 13:29
The start gate is now open. A bit of cirrus locally, but still lots of cumulus.

Friday 12:15
First launch. Still lots of cumulus locally with cloud base at 4600' and some 4kt climbs.

Friday 11:46
Cumulus forming locally, and the sniffer has just been launched.

Friday 26th 10:26
Today we have set a 218km polygon, and first launch is set for 11:30am, although it could be a little bit later. Some new faces collected the day prizes, with one of the girls up there for a change.

Friday 26th August, 8:42am
Yesterday ended up with a lot of shower dodging (some pilots dodging them by launching 3 hours after they passed through). Today shouldn't give showers, but perhaps more clouds than we'd like. Briefing is still set for 10:00am, when we will get pictures of yesterday's top pilots to replace those on the left.

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