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Home The home page, amazingly.
Day-1 Task The first day's task
Day-2 Task And the second day's task
Day-3 Task Day Three, which looks like it will be a contest day
Day-4 Task Friday's task
Day-5 Task Sunday's task
Day-1 Scores First day scores
Day-2 Scores Scores for Day Two
Day-3 Scores Scores for Day three
Day-4 Scores Friday's results
Day-5 Scores Sunday's scores
Overall Scores Overall results so far
Entries Final list of entries.
Two-seater List who's who in the two seaters
Airfield map Facilities around the site
Registration form A pdf form for the last minute entries
Local Rules A pdf file of the local rules, and some general info
Location Where is the airfield and how to get to it.
Windrushers GC The host's own web site.
Day Images This will be updated as we get more images worth viewing.
More Images Second page to prevent above becoming overloaded.