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The UK Junior Nationals Gliding Comp
Thursday. Outside it looks wonderful, but showers may be a problem.


Thursday 25th, 22:28
Last late loggers are in, and we have the day result up. But for Overall, we currently have a pair as joint first!

Thursday 25th, 17:58
One of the late starters is down at Towcester racecourse, but we know that two others are still pressing on to the second TP.

Thursday 25th, 16:54
The late launchers are at the first TP now, and among the early landouts we have at least one past Y - we have a contest day.

Thursday 25th, 16:18 - 16:25
SH3, 486, 395, RH and AV have just started!! Way to go!!!

Thursday 25th, 15:06
Sadly it looks like a mass landout, with only about six gliders still unaccounted for.

Thursday 25th 14:49
We've had several landouts now, but control is rather busy and hasn't got spare time to say who they are. But listening to the radio, the others are still flying on. We've had a few landouts from Dunstable dropping in too.

Thursday 25th 14:05
And now the showers have arrived...
And a few have landed back, swept out of the sky by the downpour. Let's hope those on task can fly round any others.

Thursday 13:22
40 of them have started so far - keen little devils, eh?

Thursday 25th, 13:04
The start gate is now open.

Thursday 25th, 11:44
Just confirmed - we are on Task A, the 206.4km polygon, and first launch is 12:00. Sniffer says cloud base is 4000' and 3-4 kt climbs.

Thursday 25th, 11:00
The A task is a 206.4km polygon, which we are hopeful of sending them off on. The B task is an AAT of 2 hours, and there is even a C task ready in case we get hit by showers before launching and have to sit waiting for a gap. First launch on the A task is initially set for 11:45am.

Thursday 25th August 8:00am
The Internet is down at the ISP's end! We are using dial-up and mobile phone connections to grab info when we can. How did people fly before the Internet? ;-) We will have briefing at 10:00am and grid before briefing.

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