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The UK Junior Nationals Gliding Comp
Wednesday. The day is a bit wet. And when it dries out the wind will be 30kts. Need I say more?


Wednesday 224th August, 10:30
No flying today.

Tuesday 23rd, 19:00
The Debriefing
This was done by Richard Hood, who thought it was an interesting day and a good learning exercise. On questioning, only two pilots said they were looking forward to the AAT, while about 20-25 said they were not looking forward to it! Richard said they should look forward to it, as you can fly where you want and avoid dud weather, and are not forced to press on to a fixed point. He then discussed how to tackle it in detail, and emphasised how you should plan your flight on the ground, with a couple of variations to allow for the weather not behaving itself. Almost no-one flew in a gaggle of any sort. Then we viewed a few traces showing some very different approachs to the task. The best results were obtained by going deep into the first sector, then as far as practical into the second one. Good climbs were found in the first sector,while in the second one, cloud base was higher but with weaker climbs. Many found 4-5kts and cruised along a 70kts most of the time, running at 4000'. The wind was variable, being 9kts in the first sector and 16kts in the second and third. Overall those with good speeds thought it was a great task, those with slower speeds weren't as happy.

Tuesday 23rd, 17:33
Everyone except the late starter, HXH, has been accounted for. Scoring is progressing well, over half the loggers have been checked now.

Tuesday 23rd 16:20
A steady stream of finishers have been arriving for the last ten minutes, and more are calling five minutes. We are trying to post speeds and times as every five loggers are checked, so check Results regularly.

Tuesday 23rd 15:56
More finishers are calling, including EF, 486, EKP, R10, 933 and 506
99's trailer has just passed the window...

Tuesday 23rd 15:41
KEE was our earliest finisher, and 6B has just called five minutes.

Tuesday 23rd 15:12
We have our first landout - LS3, and a rather early finisher has called five minutes.

Tuesday 23rd 13:30
Almost everyone has started now.

Tuesday 23rd 11:45
The first gliders are launching now. Still on the assigned area task.

Tuesday 23rd 11:05
Cumulus are starting to form in the task area now.

Tuesday 23rd 10:30
Briefing went well. The task today is an assigned area. Met says watch for cirrus increasing - that's the cloud type of cirrus, not more of the glider type.
Earliest first launch is set for 11:30am, it might be a bit later of course.

Tuesday 23rd August 8:00am
First signs are we will be tasking today. Crews are busy rigging gliders and polishing them. Met is acceptable for the day, not great but a task is being planned at this moment. We will have briefing at 10:00am and grid before briefing.

First two days news is still available.
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