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The UK Junior Nationals Gliding Comp
Sunday. A misty start to the day, but who knows, things could improve, and we might make this Day 5. (I always like to have at least five comp days.)
And tonight is PARTY NIGHT!


Sunday 28th, 22:41
Finished for the night, it's a 1000 point day. Overalls up to date too.

Sunday 28th, 18:13
We have all gliders accounted for now, and logger analysis is progressing smoothly.

Sunday 28th, 17:17
It's gone rather blue now, which might make things difficult for those still far from home. We have had several more finishers but also a few more landouts.

Sunday 28th, 16:55
Just had SH3, 296 and 206 call 5 minutes. We clearly have a competition day now. Let's hope a lot more get round, because we've heard that 680, T19, Z, KEE and 28E have also landed out.

Sunday 28th, 16:46
942 has just called 2 minutes. But 134 has landed out. And now R10 has called 10 minutes, with 27 calling 5 minutes.

Sunday 28th, 16:32
First finisher has called in! More expected soon.

Sunday 28th, 15:14
For a 3 hour AAT, we have surprizingly had a few restarts in the last ten minutes. They may have had a few problems, but they could be leaving it a bit late. And sadly we have one landout already - EVY.

Sunday 28th, 14:00
Over 40 starts now, one or two for a second time.

Sunday 28th, 13:40
Over 20 gliders started within 10 minutes of the gate opening.

Sunday 28th, 12:30
First Launch!

Sunday 28th, 11:30
There are now some cumulus forming locally, but cloud base is reported as about 2000'. The sniffer says he is still scratching - clearly has some sort of a personal hygiene problem. Obviously there will be a delay in launching the grid.
Note that the Piccies page has a lot of graphics now and might be slow to download. It may eventually get split into two pages, if I get a spare moment between running the start line and doing the web site.

Sunday 28th, 10:15
We have briefed an AAT today, going south then northeast, with a minimum distance of 120 km and a maximum of 359 km, with a 3 hour time. The sky is clearing nicely but so far there are few cumulus locally. First launch is currently down for 11:30am

Sunday 28th, 9:05am
The mist is slowly clearing and the tasksetter is working away.

Sunday 28th August, 7:40am
It's foggy outside. We are assuming it is radiation fog, which would imply it is clear above it. It looks as if the clouds that have plagued us the last two days just might be replaced by blue skies, according to the satellite pictures.


Saturday 27th, 13:45
Today's task has been scrubbed due to lack of thermals. Second sniffer nearly landed out too.

Saturday 27th, 13:32
One of the sniffers has landed out!
(So it's not just me who lands out as sniffer then.)

Saturday 27th, 13:05
First launch pushed back to not before 13:30, and on the B task, the 107.9 km triangle. We can hear the sniffers on the radio, working hard, reporting 1 kt climbs but also having to take 0.5 kts sometimes.

Saturday 27th, 12:25
First launch will not be before 1:00pm.

Saturday 27th, 12:05
First launch pushed back until at least 12:30.

Saturday 27th, 11:00
Day Five, maybe. The primary task is 151.8 km triangle. The fallback is a 107.9 km task. The sky is brightening up after a dull start, and cumulus are forming, much to our surprize. Everyone is on the grid and provisionally first launch is 11:30. We could get another day.

Saturday 27th August 8:21 am
Outside the sky is grey and overcast, but the weather forecast I just looked at says it is sunny just now! Should warm up a bit better than yesterday. If you believe weathermen that is. Sorry about the american web host's server going done for half of yesterday, but they wake up later over there and we eventually set up a second duplicate site on borrowed web space, only to have the original come on line within a minute of doing so!


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