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The Bicester Regionals 2007

Friday 27th July.

Today is a bit windy, but tasks have been set.

Task A - BIE - TOW - MOR - CAL - BI4 = 137.0km
Task B - BIE - BLY - OLN - BI4 = 85.8 km

Task A - BNW - NOS - BOW - WSL - BI4 = 180.8 km

Gridding at 10:30, first possible launch 11:30 am.

13:00 The Open class are on task, the Sports are still on the ground, praying for a scrub - it's a bit windy really.


15:00 The Sports class is scrubbed. Task setter thought it wasn't really fair to re-task and send them off downwind, just to land out for a scoring day. Apparently it's very wet just south of here.

Open class start times

15:45ish Sounds of finishers arriving soon.

About 16:00, J15 was first back.

D6, DUO, LD, 949, J6, X17, R11, 26, K5, D4, 221 also back.

By 16:35 Land outs 2R, 418, 7A, 28T, S27,

16:38 Some provisional results are now online.

16:34 - 634 is just back but 933 has just landed out. As has A9.

16:52 - 26Q is down, about 5 miles away. No, 5km away.
16:59 - GB1 has just joined his fellow club member in the same field. ;)

17:07 W2 is 10km out.

17:20 PIO is five minutes out. Almost everyone accounted for.

18:30 Everyone accounted for. GB1 and 26Q are in a field with a locked gate and are trying to find the landowner. 90 minutes after they landed...

19:15 GB1 and 26Q are back from their 5km retrieve. About 2 hr 20 mins after landing.

19:38 The scores are on the doors. Penalities, if any will appear soon.
Another fine day's racing at Bicester - 33 launched, 21 finishers, and 4 landed out within 10 km of finishing.