Airfield Location and Travel Directions

The airfield is located northeast of Bicester, in Oxfordshire. It is a good start to find Oxford on the map first. If you know how to get to Bicester, then the local directions section will help you.

Important note: -

If you are arriving with a trailer or caravan, or returning from a retrieve, the safest way to turn into the airfield is always to go round the roundabout at Skimmingdish Lane and approach the entrance with the airfield on your left. Coming the other way along the road and trying to turn right while towing is definately NOT recommended.

Immediate area map


Aerial views
Pilot level view of the airfield, showing the entrance.
The main roads which bring you to Bicester are: -

By public transport - Buses in the Oxfordshire area - but do ask first before attaching your trailer to a bus...