The Bicester Regionals 2007

The Bicester Regionals for 2007 will take place between 21st - 29th July 2007

Entrance Fee - This has been set at £175 total, with a £50 deposit

Friday 20th - Quick note.
There is some local flooding on the roads and a few accidents which will make arriving here take a bit longer than expected between the hours of 12:00 and 15:00 ish. And the wind is a bit gusty. for live weather.

Only 1 day to go until the long awaited return of what can only be described as the country's top regional gliding competition The Bicester Regionals 2007.

Crews, Pilots and Gliders from around the country are making a welcome return to Bicester for what promises to be a fantastic week...we know the summer has been a bit of a wash out so far but we've got everything crossed in anticipation of lots of fantastic racing, lets hope Comp director, Dickie Feakes, has been doing his native tribesman impression and making suitable sacrificial offerings to the gods.

If you're one of those who are having to spend the comp from the comfort of your office desk, fear not we will keep you up to date with all the news and gossip as it happens right here; follow the excitement as we see you will battle it out to become Bicester Champion 2007.

Classes - There will be two classes with the handicap split expected to be Sport Class - up to 99, and Open Class - 100 and above.   While the handicap split between the classes will be as stated, those pilots flying gliders with a handicap of 99 or 100 can opt to compete in the other class if they so wish.   This option must be declared by the completion of Registration period at 0930hrs on Sat, 21st July 2007.   It is rumoured that the Competition Webmaster is planning to fly his newly acquired, shiny LS8 in the Competition when he finally gets around to stopping talking and completes an Application form.  On the other hand, he may be scrutinising the competitor's list to decide whether to exercise the above option and fly in the Sport class with his 15m tips,  fly in the Open Class with his 15m tips, or go for it and install his 18m extensions.  Decisions, decisions.

80 Entries have now been received (40 in the Open and 40 in the Sport class) which is the maximum that can be accepted for flight safety reasons.   All subsequent entries will be placed on the reserve list

Prizes -  A valuable and attractive prize will be awarded to the winner of each class.   In addition, a prize will be awarded to the highest placed two seater in the Sport Class.

Entry Form - this is currently available for downloading and printing as a PDF form. Given the huge popularity of the 2006 regionals, competitors are urged to submit their entry forms as soon as they are sure they wish to take part, to avoid disappointment if the competition is oversubscribed.