the Total Drinks Company, managed to get a technician out to repair the bar chiller, at short notice on Saturday afternoon. A big thank you from all the pilots!
LX avionics
and Swiss Flarm have generously donated a Flarm for the comp. winner!


The Bicester Regionals 2007

Saturday 21st July - Day One, perhaps, or perhaps not...

Tasks have been set!

It's wet, but not raining, yet.

Most of the pilots have managed to get past the flooded roads and arrived, although booking in was extended by an hour to allow for travel difficulties. Many postponed their journey last night - something to do with the 39.9kt gust and the average wind of about 25kts, as recorded on the weather station. The tugs should be flying in soon as well.

Graham the Weatherman says there is a small chance of a task, and of course that means they have to set one.

Looks like 36 in the upper class, and 43 in the lower class, and that is now fully confirmed.

Sport - BIE -MUR - NOW- BIC 90.6km

Open - BNW - BED - NOS -BIC 117km

Finish in both cases is the centre of the airfield, but BIC will do.

And they just called grid now (12:30)



And at 14:30, we scrubbed. The gap in the weather closed up too quickly, after looking acceptable for a short time. Light drizzle didn't help either.