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The Bicester Regionals 2007

Saturday 27th July.

Today is a bit less windy, which make it easier for the Sports class.

Tasks are being set as the competitors rush to grid their gleaming graceful gliders.

Task A is BIE - CSW - EAR - BI4 = 268.5km

Task A is BNW - NLE - CSW - EAR - BI4 = 341.5km

Well, I'm back, yet again. And so are quite a few others. Wind on the last leg was stronger than we'd have liked (mainly 17kts, but at one point it said 29kts!), but there was a bit of streeting to help us home. One K21 landed out, the other two got round.

18:58 - The Scores are on-line now, nearly all done.
(We don't like making you wait a day or two to read the results.)

30 got round in the Open class, 5 landed out.
31 got round in the Sport class - well 34, but three had a problem and missed the start line.