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The Bicester Regionals 2007

Sunday 22nd July - Day One.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, there are cumulus in sight - and the pilots are confused by the big shiny thing in the sky. No-one knows what is it. Someone said it was his son. Or was it the sun?

We are re-briefing ar 11:30(am) when news of tasks will be dispersed to the eager pilots.

Meanwhile. gridding is taking place at this moment.

Tasks have been set.

Sport - CAL - SYW - BGC - BIC = 122.9km

Open - BI3 - PIT - STN - BI4 = 159.1km

Well, we have got a fair number of gliders in each class round the tasks, but there are also several landouts. The wind proved to be a problem for the Sports class, especially the 15 knts headwind on the final leg, which put a few on the ground close to the airfield. Some of us were 500' below glide for 20 miles, and only got onto glide on descending into the slightly weaker winds below 1200'.


....And then the scorer's computer and the network crashed...

19:30 - we are still waiting for a late starter to get back. Brave lad.

He's accounted for now. And hopefully we'll get the scores on-line sometime.

Open class result, Day 1, provisional, now available.

00:48 - computer still fighting back on Sports class, so it's time for bed.