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The Bicester Regionals 2007

Sunday 28th July.

The Final Countdown.

Tasks are being set as the competitors rush to grid their gleaming graceful gliders.
It seems to be a bit windy upstairs, but hopefully we'll all get round.

Task A is BNW - PAP - NAW - NPT - BI4 = 217.6km

Task A is BIE - EAR - BOU - LUT - NPT - BI4 = 296.5km

When the sky improves we will rush off and enjoy ourselves. As usual.
I can't get on to the scorer's computer to update the Open class scores, but J19 got a height penalty and ended up 5th, so adjust the scores yourself, as I have to fly. (Scores now updated)


We have finishers in both classes. The scores are appearing online, updated every 10 -15 minutes.

Shock horror - John Roberts may not have won today!!! Enquiry demanded.
In fact he's now third for the day, beaten by a Uni student and a girl. And there are other loggers to examine.

16:35 Lots of Open class arriving between 16:00 and 16:35, many are high, so they had a good run back. 21 back in the Sports class, so far.

16:50 At least 23 back in the Sports and at least 16 back in the Open class. Still some finishers arriving.

17:10 K5 just called five minutes, at least 26 back in the Sports, and at least 22 so far in the Open. Although not everyone is scored yet, the prize winners seem to be settled.
17:18 4A just called 10 km. Only a few left to be scored.

18:15 Prize giving. 28 got round in the Sports class today, while 31 got round in the Open class.