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The Bicester Regionals 2007

Tuesday 24th July.

Today we race.

Both classes have a 3 hour AAT. Fallbacks are 2.5 hours and 2 hours.

Sport - BIE - DID (90 deg sector, 50km rad) - BED (90 deg sector, 70km rad) - TOW (circle, 20km) - BIC. Distances 159.8 / 429.0 km

Open - CAL - DID (90 deg sector, 50km rad) - RUS (90 deg sector, 70km rad) - NOW (circle, 20km) - BIC. Distances 187.2 / 453.4 km

18:00 - I got back, again, but I've been busy for a while. We have 8 or so landouts in the Sports class. Distances achieved by the sporty ones are around the 230 - 290 km mark, and the Opens have some at 300km. Speeds are from 65 to 95kph for both classes so far, but only a quarter of each class have been downloaded, so things could improve. Wind on the return from the east made life very difficult for everyone I've spoken to so far (although the 90kph guys obviously got through it okay). More news later. But AAT seems to have been a good choice today.



19:00 John Roberts is currently first in the Sports at 91.3 kph with Luke Hornsey second at 86.1 kph, but half the loggers still to be checked. Meanwhile Bill Inglis is first in the Open at 94.7 kph with Chris Curtis second at 92.2 kph. Again many loggers still to be checked.

Results are appearing online now and will be updated at regular intervals. We did the 3 hour task.

20:35 1000pts day in the Open class, but still 15 loggers to go in the Sports, so only 756 points. However that will increase when the rest are analysed. There may be some penalties to subtract when we finally finish scoring.

What will the successful pilots get at the end of the comp???

Upper Class
First Prize - Swiss Flarm,
Second Prize - Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS Navigator,
Third Prize - A Copy of See You

Lower Class
First Prize - 14" wireless notebook, Vista, DVD writer
Second Prize - Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS Navigator,
Third Prize - A Copy of See You