The Bicester Regionals 2009

Competition Images

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Day One images

We have a second images page, covering Thursday onwards, while Nick Kelly has put a set of images of Flickr

The Mayor of Bicester was very pleased to see the airfield being used for flying and as a local facility Johnny Roberts in 131, winner of Open, Day One The self-launching ASH 25Mi leaps skywards 666 - the sign of the beast AA, who surprized the scorer by doing rather well on Day One in the Sports class and actually got round The Judge, who had a good Day One After years of torturing competitors, FWW thought he'd try the other side of the start line Phil (P2) - Did you bring the drag pin removal tool? Phil (P1) - Yes, of course. I'm sure I did. LS8 on tow R10 on tow BIG wings on take-off Not everyone who flew today was a competitor, but what a nice shot

Day two images

Clive found the briefing soooooo enthralling that he dozed off, missed the first launch and the good weather The rainbow outside the bar on Sunday, over two Nimbus 3s and a Janus The rainbow outside the bar on Sunday, over two Nimbus 3s and a Janus

Tupperware Pilot has uploaded a nice selection of images to Flickr, covering both days so far.
It includes our new, more powerful, tug specially for comp launching.

The sniffer was initially a little bit reluctant to take a launch, for some reason. Eventually the sniffer found they were looking down on an ever-growing gaggle Debbie got round the task in the little Ka6e, but OJ, in the Lak17 with turbo, decided to land back I think I can just about see a cumulus cloud over there When Terry asked for a bit of the cream cake, he didn't really expect it to arrive at VNE Dan Grey gave the excellent weather briefings.