Day Winners
Open Class

Johnny Roberts won Day Two in the Open Class

Johnny Roberts has won Day Two as well as Day One
Flying 131 at 71.7kph

LX avionics

Kindly sponsoring two of the overall prizes - the miniature Personal Flight Recorder by flywithCE.

The Bicester Regionals 2009

Monday's News

8:20am Looks like a better day than the weekend, so hopefully there will be more finishers.

10:20am Tasks are set now, and we are looking to launch after 11:00am

Open Class:
Task A CAL - HB3 - OAK - BI4 = 212.4km
Task B CAL - RAR - STN - BI4 = 166.1km

Sport Class
Task A BIC - NAE - SAC - BI1 = 147.6km
Task B BIC - WAT - BOZ - BI4 = 120.9km

11:35am The weather is taking its time to warm up, the break in the clouds is just out of reach just now, and we so are standing down until 12:30 (and may do smaller tasks).

13:00 First launch in 15 minutes time, on Task C.
13:15 Launch delayed until at least 13:45
And with the only bad rain in Southern England overhead the airfield, first launch has been pushed back to 14:15

14:15 First launch in 10 minutes time on Task C
Sport Task C - BIC - NOS - NPT - BI4 = 81.6km
Open Task C - CAL - NOW - BOZ - BI4 = 102.3km

15:30 - The Sport class mainly started between 15:02 and 15:22, but some were a bit hesitant to leave the safety of the local area.

16:15 The Open class rushed off at 15:50 to 16:11

Landouts I've heard about - ETY after 30 mins, followed soon after by C29 and KRF. And DNE is talking to a herd of cows

16:28 HGG is the first to call 10km (he started at 15:05) and a minute behind him is 641 (started 15:04)
A few minutes later 574 called 10km
16:56 AA is margin for a straight in. And he's made it. Finished twice in a row - that's a record for the old guys

17:06 And Debbie in the CCR the Ka6e is 10km out. She'll do well today with her low handicap. We note that OJ, her man, with the Lak17, and a Turbo, decided to land back...
17:15 379 is 10km out. No Open class yet.

17:23 131 is the first of the Open class to call 10km, immediately followed by 933 - neither bothered to call a start time - slapped wrists
FWW just called non comp land back.
17:35 J15, LS8 and 333 are 10km out now (started 15;47, 15:53 and 15:49 respectively)
17:39 260 is 10km away, with JB a few km behind him (started 16:04 and 15:50)
17:43 666, KBS, 144 and several others are coming in now. Told you we'd get more finishers today.
17:50 911, LD, EHT and 888 due back soon, followed by 634 a few minutes later.

17:55 Scores are appearing on the web site now, but we still have quite a few loggers to download and examine.
18:00 265 is on his way back, as is GAM, the K21, both in the Sport Class
Almost everyone is accounted for now, with a couple still flying.
18:18 X8 is 10km out - bet he feels silly for saying it wasn't on today...
18:31 Everyone is now accounted for. Either back, in a field or not gone.

20:30 Scoring almost complete now,
22:56 Nearly done all the penalties now, some pilots to interview tomorrow morning.

We got eight round in the Sport (seven official finishers and one logger failure), while in the Open class there were 17 finishers, five landed out and five didn't want to play.

Day Winners
Sport Class

Sunay Shah flashes across the line to win Day Two in the Sport Class, at 69.6kph

Sunay Shah flashes across the line to win Day Two in the Sport Class, at 69.6kph

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