Day Winners
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LX avionics

Kindly sponsoring two of the overall prizes - the miniature Personal Flight Recorder by flywithCE.

The Bicester Regionals 2009

Pre-comp News

Current Sport Class Entries and current Open Class Entries
(last updated 18th July 2009)
We currently have 58 entries - a bit down on last year with a few recent drop-outs, and probably the smallest field we have every had - so the most popular comp in the country (if the number of entries is anything to go by!) still has room for you! And with only about four weeks to go, hurry and get your entry in soon.

Prizes announced! LX avionics in conjunction with flywithCE have provided the main prizes - the flywithCE Personal Flight Record and associated software. This self contained device has many uses, and can be conveniently carried in your pocket. It is ideal for those who occasionally use club gliders without a flight recorder, or instructors moving from aircraft to aircraft. Power pilots can use it too. It displays your flight on a Google Earth background (we've just studied one pilot's field selection skills using such a trace). Photographers can use it to geolocate their images.

The front gate has been moved back for increased ease of access, but two bollards are now in place where the old gate post holes were, to stop lorries parking overnight in the gap. Turning at a shallow angle to these bollards can make life "interesting" - so get more inline before you turn in. It's your trailer, remember.

Trailers are beginning to arrive on site now. One or two are parked in the wrong place. There should be no trailers parked south of the track immediately to the north of the control tower (that's to the right of the track when you look out at the airfield). And for safety, none should be parked further north than the last caravan in the member's area where the No Parking sign is displayed. Because tow ropes and winch cables land in that area.

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