Day Winners
Open Class

Johnny Roberts won Day One in the Open Class

Johnny Roberts makes a habit of winning here
First on Day One, in 131 at 96.2kph

LX avionics

Kindly sponsoring two of the overall prizes - the miniature Personal Flight Recorder by flywithCE.

The Bicester Regionals 2009

Saturday-1 News

8:00 am Good Morning, and welcome to the opening day. The Man from the Met says we should get a weather window, so watch this space.

9:35 am Tasks have been set and, although a triffle windy, we think it will be a day.

Open Class:
Task A = BNW - BIR - TEW - CAL - BI4 = 171.4Km
Task B = BNW - NLE - HOB - CAL - BI4 = 14.4Km

Sport Class
Task A = BC1 - BOW - LCL - CAL - BI4 = 131.7Km
Task B = BC1 - KIM - EDG - CAL - BI4 = 101.2 Km

10:45 am We expect to go with the A tasks in both classes. First launch not before 11:30.

12:00 Open class are now launching, on the A task as expected. And the Sporty ones are off at 12:30, again on their A task.

14:00 Both classes started within minutes of their start lines opening, with the the Open at 12:40 - 13:00 for the first lot followed by most of the rest between 13:05 to 13:30. The Sporty boys and girl were on their way mainly between 13:20 and 13:30. With 54 gliders plus the hanger-ons to launch, it takes time to get them all up there.

14:15 and the first two are in a field - LD and JFF at Gloucester Airport (father and son...) followed by KBS (a late starter) 10 minutes later.

Today's reported start times are here for the Sport Class while the Open Class times are here.

14:41 John Roberts (who has won here several times) has just called 10km
14:59 and 321 called 10km. But a few more land outs, including GAM, while several have called non-comp finishes.
15:04 Shock - AA has called 10km, the first of the litle boys (well, little old men to be more accurate), along with 643 and EHT from the big boys

15:20 I've heard of more land outs: R3, 933, R10, ML, 405, 641, DNE, GW, J15, FVN, S8, AH

15:23 - KRF is 10km out, as is JB, another couple of finishers.
15:36 - C29 is 10km out, another Sporty finisher.

16:10 D8 is 10km out, a late finisher. But every finisher is welcome and makes for a better day.

17:00 Scoring is progressing slowly, mainly because half the field have loggers with the wrong date set - many had tomorrow's date, but one had February set...

18:00 GAM, a K21, is in a field. The pilots have just discovered that they have left the drag pin removal tool back at the airfield. And it's still here!

21:40 The first Unofficial results are now online - see the menu for the links. Nine got round in the Sports Class and five in the Open Class. Several abandoned task and got back home in a down-wind dash, so not as many landed out as you might think.

Day Winners
Sport Class

Micky Boik, winner Day One in the Sport Class

Micky Boik had everyone laughing with his how we done it in AA, at 84.9kph

Ian Smith, co-pilot of AA

Ian Smith, the other chuckle brother in AA.

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