Day Winners
Open Class

John 'I'm so pretty' Roberts won the Open class today

It's him again, this time at 112.7kph

LX avionics

Kindly sponsoring two of the overall prizes - the miniature Personal Flight Recorder by flywithCE.

The Bicester Regionals 2009

Saturday2's News

8:00am It's a nice morning, with blue sky and good visibility. Dan the Met Man is confident it will be a good day. Rachel the Met Woman was equally confident last night. Tasks are being set and gliders are being rigged.

10:20am Tasks are as follows, with first launch confirmed as 11:00am
Open Class => BNW - TEW - LIT - BI4 = 354.6km
Sport Class => BIC - BRO - UPW - BI4 = 263.7km

The big questions today are can John beat John in the Open Class, and will team AA try to buy back their glider (they've just sold it!) if they do well, or will the little Cirrus hold on to top place in the Sport Class?

13:45 No-one has landed out, so far. The Open Class had several starting at 11:45 ish, then a larger group around 12:10 - 12:20, and then a few re-started at about 12:45 - 12:55. The Sport Class had a group start at around 12:15 - 12:20, then a second group at around 12:35 - 12:45.
Open Class unofficial start times and Sports Class unofficial start times. With two other comps on today, plus a lot of pilots using the good weather, unfortunately I missed a few calls.

14:25 I spoke too soon - R10, 405. GAM and 705 have all landed out, after getting round the first TP in the Sporty task.
15:00 Anna in 321 is the first Open Class to drop down to ground level, and DNE and 93 are another Sporty pair on the ground. Everyone so far is getting round their first TP. Weather is still looking good in the task area.

15:32 634 has called 10km (started 12:15), the first of the Open Class to return. Followed by LS8.
15:33 EHT is finishing now (started 11:40, I think). While FWW (started 11:49) is a few km behind him. And 666 is a few km behind him (started 12:22, one of the later ones)
Looks like John will have to sit and wait for John to see who will be the overall leader.

15:45 And 641 (started 12:20), the first of the little wings, is 10km out, with 260, definately big wings, behind him. 888 is a few km behind him, as is X8 and 379 (started at 12:40 and another weeny wing)
15:51 T19 and AA are 10km (sporty ones, started 12:20 and 12:37) And HGG is a few km behind them (started 12:36) - looks like he might have done well again. While behind him by a few km are JFF, 333, W4, D8 and AH
Sadly, the mighty K6e, CCR, has had its crew called for...
15:57 131 is 10km out (started 12:40). Has John beat John or is it John this time? We'll have to wait until the loggers have been examined. And GW is also 10km out, with R3 a few km behind him. Apparently S27 is "very happy", and C29 is as well.
16:10 Missed a few, but LD and JB are coming in now, 265 is behind them. And no other landouts, so far. And 933 is 10km out.
Apparently cloud base in the Tewkesbury area was only around 3000' but it was over 5000' in the Upwood area.

16:20 EKV and ETY are 10km out, with KRF several km behind them, with TC a few km behind him.
We are downloading loggers and scores will start to appear sometime soon. 16:41 ML, who started late in the Sporty boys class is 10km out, as is P10 in the big boys class.
16:48 FVN is 10km out and I missed J15 landing a short time ago, and D54 who was back several minutes before that.

17:00 Scores are appearing online now, regularly updated by the comp team of 28 people, some of whom aren't even members of Windrushers, such as Control who come from Liverpool and Portsmouth, just to help us.

22:00 Scoring is almost complete bar the arguements over any penalties, which will be dealt with tomorrow.

We've just heard that FVN had a close encounter with a bird in flight, resulting in a crack in his wing!

Day Winner
Sport Class

Sunay Shah won today's task, at 92.3kph

Sunay Shah won today's task, at 92.3kph

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