Day Winners
Open Class

John 'I'm so pretty' Roberts won the Open class today

It's him again, at 94.9kph

LX avionics

Kindly sponsoring two of the overall prizes - the miniature Personal Flight Recorder by flywithCE.

The Bicester Regionals 2009

Thursday's News

9:30am Weather looks better this morning. We have set bigger tasks than the previous days and hope everyone has a nice day out.
11:00am Everyone (except me) is out on the grid in the sunshine, waiting for the word to go.
First launch for Sport class is 11:15, on task A. followed immediately by the Open class, also on task A.

Open Class - BIE - COB - OAK - BI4 = 213.0km
Sport Class - BIC - NAE - BGC - BI4 = 149.5km

Sport Class started in a couple of gaggles, the first between 11:55 - 11:58, then the current contenders started later between 12:03 - 12:06
The Open Class started in three gaggles - first at 12:14 - 12:16, then at 12:20 - 12:22, and the last group at 12:26 - 12:29.
There were some of those fighting for the top places in each gaggle.

12:25 - We have two of the Sport class down - 405 rather close by and DNE also not too far away.
13:30 - No more landouts, so far. The weather is still looking nice towards the first TP for each class, although the satellite images show a small bit of rain towards each TP, but it looks possible to fly round it.
13:42 And after a problem forced a re-light, S8 has set off on task.

14:06 R10's crew has just been called for.
14:09 T19, first finisher in the Sport Class, is 10km out (started at 11:58), with GW (started 11:55) a minute behind him
14:24 641 (started 12:00) and 379 (started 12:08) are 10 km out, with 705 just 3 mins behind them, but 55, S27 and BD will not be back for a while, as they are in fields, near the second TPs

14:34 J15, first Open Class finishers, is 10km out (started 12:20).
14:42 634 just called 10km (started 12:15), followed by X8 one minute later.
14:45 HGG is 10km out, started 12:21 - so where are AA, D8 and KRF?
14:46 R3 is 10km (started 12:12) with 131 a minute behind him

14:48 we have ML and 265 calling, and one minute later it's AH, EKV, AA and C29. It's getting busy, as 933 joins the gang.
14:52 D8, FWW, ETY all 10km out. 574 is two mins behind them as is 666, 144 and KBS
15:00 W4 is 10km out, with 333 a minute behind him. Oops - JB's crew has had a call.
15:06 KRF is 10km out. Looks like there will be several changes in the overall positions for both classes with a surprizing big spread in times for the finishers.

16:45 Scoring is progressing quite well, and provisional results are now on line, but incomplete just now.

21 finishers in the Sport Class (925 points day) and 21 in the Open Class (1000 point day) as well.

22:00 Scoring is complete now, bar any complainers nagging us about something.

Day Winner
Sport Class

James Wilson won the Sports Class today

James Wilson, GW, at 82.4kph
I think he's happy with his score.

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