Day Winners
Open Class

Terry Mitchell and his big wings got round on Day Three

Terry Mitchell
Day Three,
J15 at 74.6kph (handicapped).

LX avionics

Kindly sponsoring two of the overall prizes - the miniature Personal Flight Recorder by flywithCE.

The Bicester Regionals 2009

Wednesday's News

8:00am Well, Dan the Weather says today is better than yesterday, and there is a chance of a small task.

Just to help pass the time, we found this nice program, IGC Flight Replay, that displays and animates your logger track over Google Earth.

12:00 We are still holding on for a promised decrease in wind speed.

Open Class Task - BIE - DID - THA - STS - BI4 = 115.1km

14:00 It has brightened up a couple of times, and there will be a re-brief on the grid very soon.
14:25 The tugs are moving out to the grid - it's getting a bit serious now, they might even have to fly. (And there are blue bits of sky showing through as well!)
14:30 First launch for the Open Class will be at 14:45, and then the brave heroes will rush off around the sky, playing with the pretty clouds.
15:30 But due to the wind strength, the Sport class has been scrubbed.
15:50 There was a steady stream of starters from 15:31 - 15:48, only a few were re-starts, and they were probably just unlucky rather than playing games to confuse the rest. Now we just wait to see how many get back.

16:14 - They have just called for the crew of 131 (Johnny "I don't land out" Roberts). He might not win today, for a change.
16:35 - And JFF is also in a field now.

16:55 J15 is the first to call 10km (he started 15:38)
17:00 EHT is 4km out (started 15:30)
17:04 PIO and S8 are landing back however. Someone has landed out 8km short, 333 I think. And five minutes later, 260 called non-comp as well.
17:17 LS8 and 634 have landed out, but not far from home. (This will be LS8's second field landing since we bought it 3 years ago.)
17:25 LD is in a field, but FWW called 10km, while KBS will land out 15km short
17:33 And now we hear that X8 is in a field, while 888 is landing back.

17:45 The results are starting to appear online now. Only two finishers, although several landed back after a while. The wind was a bit of a problem, with several having problems in the last 10km or so. Graham Drury (JB), for example, landed 2.3km short of the finish.

21:00 There is one glider still to come back from his field, so the final update to the scores will be tomorrow.

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