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The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

Friday News 29/07/11

8:00am Another grey start to the day. Will we make it 7 competition days in a row, or give them a day's rest? I don't know, the task setter and the director haven't made up their minds yet.

10:30 At briefing Steve Eyles, third on Thursday, had everyone falling around laughing with his 14 minute "How I did" it speech. Only two minutes of which covered the actual flight! It would have been a longer speach perhaps, if Clyde the Dog hadn't savaged Steve's balloon props to death. Then we got the met and the tasks, which are optional pilot selected tasks and are listed below:

  • Sleep
  • Spend some time with the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/family or even friends
  • Have a karting race in Banbury
  • An Open vs Sport rounders match on our big front lawn

Or declare the day scrubbed.

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