Naviter - Sponsors of the Bicester Regionals Open Class

Overall Results Open Class

Overall winner - Owain Walters Overall winner - Derren Francis

Owain Walters and Derren Francis. Overall winners with 5782 points

Overall second, Dave Watt

Dave Watt, overall second with 5523 points

Third overall, Martin Durham

Martin Durham, overall third with 5276 points

The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

This exciting and very popular competition ran from 23rd to 31st July 2011, and was generously sponsored by Naviter and LXNav

As in previous years the Regionals proved to be a very popular competition with the total entry list of 53 gliders this year.

Daily news was be added to the appropriate day page.

The Overall Prizes

Thanks to the generousity of our sponsors, once again we had some fabulous prizes for the top pilots.

  • First Prizes:
    Sport Class - A Nano Flight Recorder, from LX Nav and LX avionics.
    Open Class - An Oudie PND, from Naviter + Bicester Aviation Services.
  • Second Prize - A Silverstone Driving Experience - in a single seater racer! One for each class, from Red Letter Day. (The director has even bought one for himself.)
  • Third Prize - £100 gift voucher for AFE, thanks to AFE Kidlington

Logger Traces

All Open Class IGC files, zipped, 9Mb

All Sport Class IGC files, zipped, 12.7Mb

If I have accidentally missed out one of your files, then email me for a copy. Days start with 17N for the first Saturday through to 17V for the final day.

Open Class Overall Results

First: Owain Walters / Derren Francis - 5782 points, winner of the Oudie
Second: Dave Watt - 5523 points, gets a Silverstone race driving voucher
Third: Martin Durham - 5276 points, receiving £100 in AFE vouchers

Sport Class Overall Results

First: Will Ellis - 5079 points, wins the Nano Flight Recorder
Second: Pete Stratten - 4734 points, and a Silverstone race driving voucher
Third: Gordon Craig - 4560 points, receiving £100 in AFE vouchers

How they did it, day by day

Dave 4th1st1st2nd4th2nd4th20th
Martin 9th2nd10th6th9th10th1st1st

Will 17th1st1st1st2nd1st3rd
Pete 17th2nd2nd5th14th2nd2nd
Gordon 2nd4th7th9th3rd5th6th


LXNAV - Sponsors of the Bicester Regionals Sport Class

Overall Results Sport Class

Will Ellis, overall winner

Will Ellis, overall winner with 5079

Pete Stratten, overall second

Pete Stratten, overall second with 4734 points

Gordon Craig, overall third

Gordon Craig, overall third with 4560 points

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