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Day Winners
Open Class

Dave Watt, winner on Day 3

Dave Watt, local hero, winner of Day 3 at 93.1kph

Steve Eyles, second on Day 3

Steve Eyles was second, in his LS4, at 88.7kph, and even Dave wondered how he did it

Bob Bromwich, third on Day 3

Bob Bromwich was third, at 88.1kph, in his ASG 29

The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

Monday News - 25/7/2011 Day 3

7:30am Met Man and Task Man are not as happy with the conditions as yesterday, but are trying to get a task or two out of it. It will be a shorter set of tasks than yesterday. (Which was a 1000pt day in both classes.)

10:35 Met Man says the day will vary as the high cover comes and goes through out the day , affecting how far we can reliably send them. So after yesterday's big tasks, smaller ones are on offer today.
Tasks are set as follows:
Open: BC2 - BOZ - DID - MUR - BC1 = 191.3km
Or BC2 - NPT - OXM - STS - BC1 = 138.0km
Sport: BC2 - OLN - OXM - STS - BC1 = 138.0km
Or BC2 - WSL - OXF - STS - BC1 = 108.3km

11:42 And the Sport class will launch on their main task.
And the Open class will launch immediately after them on their main task too.
12:23 Sniffer reports cloudbase (and yes, cumulus, sort of, although the competitors think that's an exaggeration) as now 3800.

12:26 And EAR is the first to start. Keen, eh?
Then at 12:28, it was 812, then at 12:29, 947
12:38 ETY is off and then at 12:41 it's 379, then at 12:42, ST and JKX.
12:44 D54 and another one I missed. But none of the Open class yet.
12:46 EDW, 290, W20
12:48 DW, FDW, 615, 170 then it's 12:49 2ZC, KRF, N51
12:50 HPM and then at 12:51 AC, 856
12:52 W20, 347 and then at 12:53 KRF, DG, 264, and at 12:54 C29
12:55 W4 and at 12:56 S27, DNE, 333 then at 13:00 641, then 13:01 RV, EHT
13:04 911 then at 13:06 K5 and after him at 13:07 MS, LS8
13:10 KDV then at 13:14 224 (that's 40 starters so far)
13:17 KPO and at 13:20 EAR restarts, plus 933 - am I going to be here all through lunch?
13:22 490, 666 followed by, at 13:23 X8 and J15
13:24 13:25 KPE, M2 and then 13:34 768
13:37 DW, yesterday's winner, making a late tactical start
13:40 MS restarts, then 13:51 JKF - that's close to everyone now, especially if I missed a couple. So, will the first Sport finisher be here by 14:45? And the first Open one by 15:30?? Going for lunch now - a man can't live on just kilobytes and GHz. And at 14:01 290 restarts.

14:30 And W20 and AC have just called 10km (they started 2 minutes apart)
14:47 574 at 10km (and I missed his start) and 14:49 JKX calls 10km - an early starter
14:55 131 at 10km - may have missed a finisher while downloading the first logger - 91.6 kph !
14:57 615, FDW at 10km and then at 14:59 379 at 10km (an early starter)
15:01 ST (early starter) plus 264, and 547 coming in soon. With 264 behind them
15:06 2ZC, with C29 behind him, and HPM is 1 min behind him
I might get to bed at a sensible time at this rate!
15:11 ETY on glide - will the Open class be back earlier than my prediction as well? Soon see.
15:13 768 and 812 coming home now
15:15 S27 10km out - first Open class I think, and one of the first of them to start (Lizzie can relax now)
15:17 EAR, the first Sport starter is coming, followed by D54, 224, and 347
15:25 W4 coming home, 846 and KRF behind him, with K5 and 333 from the Open, and N51
15:30 J15 and M2 at 10km out, more Open ones.
15:32 DW (late starter like M2), LS8, 490, KPE
15:36 911, 937, DG - coming back thick and fast now. When i get more loggers I'll switch to scoring things.
15:38 MS, 666 and then 15:44 DNE (hc)
16:04 missed several finishers while scoring, but RV just called. and at 16:08, KDV called.

16:31 Scoring going well, open devalued on time, by 10 seconds. But try to guess which glider is likely to be second.

17:40 And most of the scores are now viewable on line!
18:29 Amazingly, I am still missing a few loggers. Penalties may be enforced. Meanwhile, the wind has been added along with a few more pilots' flights.

20:45 Everyone who flew got round and seem to have enjoyed the flight which managed to take them to the edges of the good weather. Anyone in the on line results who isn't scored as a finisher had either a logger failure or didn't fly today for various reasons. I'm hoping that second loggers may help the unfortunate ones.
AND I'll finally get to bed on the same day that I woke up!

Update: We launched 21 in the Open class and they all got round; we launched 29 in the Sport class and they all got round (although two had bad logger problems).

Monday's Open class files, zipped

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Day Winners
Sport Class

Will wins Day 3

Will Ellis winner of Day 3

Pete Stratten, second on Day 3

Pete Stratten, a local boy, was second

Steve Codd in his Discus

Steve Codd was third on Day 3, in his Discus

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