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Open Class
Day Winners

Terry Mitchell, winner of Day 1

Terry Mitchell, Day 1 winner at 77.4kph, tries to focus on the next task.

Dave Watt, Open class winner on Day 2

Dave Watt, our CFI, took first place on Day 2 at 92.5kph.
And also won Day 3 at 93.1kph

Derren Francis, winner Day 4

Derren Francis, flying as Owain Walters, won Day 4 at 86.7kph
And also won Day 6 at 92.8kph

Bob Bromwich, winner on Day 5

Bob Bromwich took first place on Day 5, at 61.9kph

Martin Durham, winner on Day 7

Martin Durham won Day 7 in LS8 the LS8, at 91.0kph
Martin also won Day 8, at 68.7kph

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