Day winners Open Class

Naviter - Sponsors of the Bicester Regionals Open Class

Terry Mitchell, winner of Day 1

Terry Mitchell, Day 1 winner at 77.4kph, tries to focus on the next task.

Mark Holden, second on Day 1

Mark Holden, second on Day 1, like several others, prays for another good day

Mark Smith, third on Day 1 in K5, was not present to collect his prize.

The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

Saturday 23/07/2011 - Day 1

10:00am - Tasks are set, more details soon. Short tasks to allow for the weather not being up to spec.

11:20am First launch delayed until at least 11:45
11:50 - they've called for tuggies to get out of bed, but first launch no earlier than 12:50
12:10 Going for 12:35 now, on the main task.
Both classes are on BC3 - EVE - ADF - BUC - BC1 = 166.0km, with the little boys (and little girls) going first, and the big boys chasing after them.

14:09 Well, they're off on task now. Although a few have landed back already. Note that Astirs land better with the airbrakes out rather than almost completely closed...

14:34 And the first crew has been called, for KRF.
14:41 And now it's W4's crew. But D8, 615, and 379 are being aerotowed home.
14:45 And Ollie in 196 needs a crew now, and HPM
14:52 LS8 and 933 are down on the ground.
14:56 More have landed out, including MS, and M2, and AC, then at 15:00 KDV. Wonder if anyone will get past y today.
15:11 846 crew required. Ditto Basil the Badge.
Seems that several are at Enstone and at Edgehill, the latter being 28.9km away. But I think y is 66.4km.

15:55 And we have the first finisher, J15 is 10km out. And 224 called 10km two mins later.

16:45 I see that several other gliders have landed, but having no radio I can't say who they are or if they were finishers (as some were aertowed home). Ditto for the lack of start times. Once I get some loggers, scoring will take place.
17:07 333 is 10km out, so still they are coming back.

22:20 Scores are up for almost everyone now, after many loggers with confusing data. Even added the wind. Just those special checks to do now (and the missing loggers). Have a look at the Sport winner - before and after the wind it gave the same result!
Update: But sadly after a few more checks were done, we lost our triple first place result.

Midnight - no airspace penalties on those whose loggers have been dealt with. Going to bed now, so I'll be ready to do the missing pilots on Sunday morning.

Saturday's Open class files, zipped

Saturday's Sport class files, zipped


Day winners Sport Class

LXNAV - Sponsors of the Bicester Regionals Sport Class

Norman Parry, winner

Norman Parry, winner in 264 at 71.4kph

Gerald Bass, second equal

Gerald Bass was second equal at 70.9kph, along with Gordon Craig (below)

Gordon Craig, second equal

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