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Day Winners
Open Class

Martin Durham, winner on Day 7

Martin Durham won Day 7 in LS8 the LS8, at 91.0kph

Owain Walters - second on Day7Owain Walters was second on Day 7 in the Ventus 2

Mark Holden, third on Day 7

Mark Holden, third on Day 7 in a Duo Discus

The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

Saturday-2 News 30/07/2011 Day 7 Open, Day 6 Sport

This will be the penultimate day of the comp.
10:15am It started blue but we have cumulus now. Tasks have been set.
Open Class - BC3 - SAC - DID - KGS - WLY - THP - BC1 = 384.2km
Sport Class Task A BC3 - SAC - DID - RUS - BC1 = 293.7km
As on previous days we have a few extra tps to keep pilots out of airspace.

10:55 Open Class launch in 15 mins on Task A, then Sports after a short delay

11:44 KDV is first to start, then 5min later EHT, 676, 196
11:51 DW, M2, 933, 333 then at 11:58 490 then at 12:00 S27, RV, KPO
12:14 DW again, plus someone else then 12:17 290 and at 12:23 666
12:25 MS, ETY, EAR, KPE, W20, 846, DG, JKE, C29 then 12:29-30 547,CU, W4, D54, N51, 2ZC, 574, K5, 347, 379, 264, 812, EDW, gaggles are such fun...
12:32 ST, 170, FDW, M2, KPE, N51, MS again, AC, DNE, plus two others,
12:37 J15, and at 12:41 KRF, ST again, at 12:42 LS8, 641, HPM, 768
12:46 EAR again. then 911, and 224 13:00 W4 again, and I think that's everyone made at least one start now.
13:04 Ooops missed 768

13:55 HPM's crew get their call.
14:45 With the both Open class and Sport class over 2 hours into their tasks, and y = 120km and 117km respectively, it's fair to say this should be a 1000pt day in both classes.
15:34 676 is landing back, not finishing
15:44 W20 is 10km out - Sport class first finisher! That's 89kph
And about 15:55 It's 264 and 574.
16:11 MS, with DNE, then EDW landing back, followed by 768 a few few mins later
16:19 HGG non comp is next, then at 16:21 AC and JKX at 16:23
16:25 ST, 615, 224 - now the gaggles coming home
16:27 290, first of the big boys! then FDW, next it's 547, DW, 379, EAR, 933, KDV, 333
16:38 LL (M2 is confused about his identify) and at 16:41 J15 KPE.
16:46 KRF is 10km out, as is S27 and ETY, 16:53 K5 calls in with LS8
17:00 666, then EHT and D54, then C29, and at 17:05 Ollie in 196 and X8, and 490, but W4 has landed out at SAC
17:13 RV calls 10km, followed by 2ZC, 710, D4 and KDV. W4 may not have landed yet, he claims.
18:19 W4, who thought he was landing out, has finished. Wish these pilots would make up their minds ;)
19:15 Initial batch of scores now on line and will be updated regularly. Wind is now in place.

20 out of 22 completed the Open Class's 384km task
And 25 out of 31 + several hanger-ons complete the Sport Class task

LXNAV - Sponsors of the Bicester Regionals Sport Class
Day Winners
Sport Class

Will Ellis, winner Day 6

Will Ellis wins another day. This time at 93.1kph in the LS7

Pete Stratten, second on Day 6

Pete Stratten was second on Day 6 in his ASW20

Norman Parry, third on Day 6

Norman Parry was third on Day 6 in his LS4

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