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Day Winners
Open Class

Dave Watt, Open class winner on Day 2

Dave Watt, our CFI, took first place on Day 2 at 92.5kph.

Martin Durham, second on Day 2

Martin Durham, another Bicester pilot, was second at 89.1 kph.

Mark Holden, third on Day 2

Mark Holden took third place on Day 2, his second prize, so far.

The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

Sunday-1 News 24/7/11 Day 2

After yesterday's finger trouble of putting the news on the home page rather than the day page, thing are back to normal now. Or as normal as I can be.

8:30am Got some nice tasks for them today.

10:20 Tasks are as follows:
Open BIE - UPW - HUN - AVE - BUC - BC1 = 406.5km, Task A
or BIE - GRW - HUN - KGS - BUC - BC1 = 311.6km Task B
Sport BIE - GRW - HUN - KGS - BUC - BC1 = 311.6km Task A
or BIE - BLY - MEM - KGS - BUC - BC1 = 229.2km Task B
Dan the Met Man is confident that the bigger tasks will be on today.

First launch for the Open class will be 11:20 on Taks A, all 406.5km of it. Better add it to the scoring computer - multi-tasking is such fun.
First launch for Sport class will be 12:05, Task A.

11:53 DW and KPE are first to start in the Open class. No hanging around, or is it tactics to lure others out on track?
11:58 347 and then at 11:40 676
12:06 333 and then at 12:08 S27
12:09 KDV and then at 12:10 290
12:12 170 and then at 12:13 196, M2, X97
12:17 KPE and then at 12:18 K5 - bit of a spread in start times now.
12:22 DW and then at 12:23 911
12:28 X8 and then at 12:30 EHT and someone else
12:32 J15, RV and then at 12:33 666
12:34 LS8 and then at 12:43 933 - Think that's all the Open if it was 490 I missed above
12:55 W20 and someone else are the first of the Sport class to go.
12:57 JKE and then at 13:02 W4 and W20, FDW, EDW - all the whiskies together plus C29, and several others, too quick to type in, due to all that whisky (hic)
13:05 CU and then at 13:06 D54 13:07 547 and then at 13:05 AC
13:08 D4 and then at 13:10 224
13:12 ST and then at 13:13 574, N51
13:16 HPM, 2ZC, 641 and AC - a bit more gaggling than the Open class.
13:17 DG and then at 13:22 KRF
13:20 676, followed by at 13:26 D8 and then at 13:27 379
13:29 MS and then at 13:30 812, JKF - that could be them all off on task.

14:40 And so far no crews have been called out.
15:00 Also, with y = 120km, after this time we almost certainly have a contest day in the Open class.
15:03 Spoke too soon about crews - HPM needs his crew.
15:48 And now S27 needs help too. The rest are still going strong.
16:01 ST needs someone to retrieve him. As does 933 and DG, the fast lady. I'd estimate finishers by 16:40 ish

16:44 And almost on time, DW calls 10km, first of the Open class.
But a couple of crews have been called as well - C29, 812 and, I think, KPE
16:53 W20 is the first from the Sport class to call 10km
17:09 A few more finishers, including KPE and M2 at 5km, while I started on the first loggers, but I'll try to add some more info when I can
17:13 J15 and 264 are 10km out
17:20 Heard my little LS8 call, along with a few others, such as 333, while scoring a finisher.
17:27 290, at 10km. But 490 needs his crew, as do a few others.
17:38 AC is calling 10km, another Sport class finisher. And 224 is just behind him.
17:45 615 is 10km - the current blue conditions are testing them on the last two legs. With 574 a bit behind him
17:49 followed by D54 - The Dreaded Judge
17:55 666, W4, and JKX are coming home, along with a few others. If I get some loggers I'll switch to scoring mode.
But 196 needs his crew. While at 18:04 EHT is on a marginal glide home, as expected (the marginal bit).

19:30 Initial scores now online, and will be updated as scoring continues into the dark, dark, lonely night.

Half past midnight - went to bed after all those dreaded checks.

Sunday's Open class files, zipped

LXNAV - Sponsors of the Bicester Regionals Sport Class
Day Winners
Sport Class

Will Ellis was first on Day 2

Will Ellis, Sport Class winner on Day 2, at 88.8kph

Pete Stratten, second on Day 2

Pete Stratten, Bicester, second on Day 2 keeps his eyes on the map and his hand near the bottle.

Norman Parry, third, wins his second day prize

Norman Parry once again gets a prize, third this time on Day 2.

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