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Day Winners
Open Class

Martin Durham, winner on Day 8

Martin Durham won Day 8, the final day, at 68.7kph

Tony Moulang, second on Day 8

Tony Moulang, second on Day 8, at 67.3kph

Owain Walters, third on Day 8

Owain Walters came third on Day 8, at 60.9kph

The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

Sunday-2 News 31/07/2011 Day 8 / Day 7

This will be the final day - No.8 for the Open and No. 7 for the Sporty ones

8:00am and we have an outlanding already - a Virgin hot air balloon decided to drop in for a cuppa. It's a bit misty outside, and not much wind yet. So where will the brave sky-warriors go to today?
Open Task A = BIE - KGS - AVE - WLY - NPT - BC1 = 249.9km
Sport Task A = BIE - NEW - HUN - NPT - BC1 = 193.5km
Just to confuse the competitors, we are using a different runway for the first time this week - the opposite end to the one they have finally mastered over the previous 7 days.

Sport Class will launch at 11:55am on Task A

12:52 W20 is first out the gate, next is ETY, followed later by C29, 547, D54
13:03 264, 612, AC, W20, then 13:06 DG, ST, then 846, followed by 13:08 379, EDW then 13:09 2ZC, W4, HPM, MS, JKE, 768
13:11 FKX, 641, 547 then FDW, 224, M2 then 13:14 DNE, KRX, then 13:15 676, and 13:16 347, KPE, 170
13:18 S27, CU, 812, then 13:20 K5, 933, then at 13:21 RV, N51, DW, M2 then 13:26 333, followed by 666 and J15
13:29 LS8, then EHT, 13:32 X8, 911, ETY, then KPO, then 13:37 490, 290
13:39 N51, S27 - looks like most have started now.
14:39 846 has landed back, feeling il, and the crew of DW has just been called!!! Ditto 547
14:50 FDW is landing back then 15:08 C29 needs a crew, while W4 is returning
15:19 264 is finishing! KDV landed out and 15:27 W20 is 10k out, 15:35 HPM needs his crew, 290 landing back, and a finisher who I missed, 768 5km
15:53 641 10km, AC too I think, KPO landing back, and 333 landing back (several others have done this)
16:26 So far the Sporty lot have ten finishers - 264, W20, 768, 547, 574, 641, 224, AC, MS and 615
17:20 LS8 and then 17:25 M2 and then J15 are calling 10km - and M2 is a contender for one of the top prizes.
17:40 K5 10km then some time later RV made it back.

22:30 Scoring was a mad rush, and the overall result in the Open class hinged on the last landout's exact position as it affected the day points, and caused several changes in the overall positions. But doing a bit of scoring in my head, I worked out the top three overall, and after prize-giving when the last logger arrived, it all worked out okay. Scores are on line now.

LXNAV - Sponsors of the Bicester Regionals Sport Class
Day Winners
Sport Class

Norman Parry, winner Day 7

Norman Parry, winner of Day 7, at 91.6kph

Pete Stratten, second on Day 7

Pete Stratten, Bicester, second on Day 7 at 83.5kph.

Will Ellis was first on Day 7

Will Ellis, third on Day 7, at 79.3kph

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