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Day Winners
Open Class

Derren won Day 6

Derren Francis, winner on Day 6 at 92.8kph

Dave Watt, second on Day 6

Dave Watt, second on Day 6 at 92.6kph

Steve Eyles, second on Day 3

Steve Eyles was third, in his LS4, at 90.2kph

The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

Thursday News 28/07/2011 Day 6/5

8:00am It's a misty start to Thursday, I can't see the other side of the airfield, and yet already I've helped a competitor get rigged. Keen, eh?
8:50am But Dan says it will clear up (and it is showing signs of doing so already), so tasks have been set.

10:50 First launch for the Sport class has been set for 15 mins time.
Their task is BC3 - NPT - RAB - OVE - ILS - CAL - BC1 = 240.5km - some tps are just to route them round airspace.
And the Open class will go immediately after them
Their task is BC3 - OLN - RAB - CAC - ILS - CAL - BC1 = 278.9km

11:47 JKF, 379, KRF, EAR, HPM, C29 are first to go in quick succession
11:50 614, then 2ZC, 264, DG, 812, D45, then ST and D4 a little bit after them
11:55 EDW, FDW, ETY, 615, CU, W4, W20, 574, AC, MS - once again the Whisky pilots start at similar times
12:00 547, 224, EAR restarts - wonder who will be the next restart? then at 12:05 DNE, 768 - looks like all the SPort class have gone now.
12:11 DW, first of the Open class, then a little bit later KDV, 347, 933, 333, 170, EHY, 196, KPO, K5, M2/F2, 676, N51
12:17 KPE, X8, LS8, J18 - nearly all gone already.
12:21 666, S27, 290, 490, DW restarts, then at 12:25 911, followed by M2/F2, 264 and LS8 all restarting, + JAL (who???)

12:37 and HPM needs his crew. Oops. Been round the first tp though.
14:00 Other landouts so far are KDV, JKX, 768 and I think, CU. So given the start times, we must have a fair number past y by now (y being 96.2km for Sport and 111.6km for Open today). So high scoring day is likely.
14:36 379 bites the dust. Followed by D4 5 mins later.

15:00 EAR is the first Sport finisher to call 10km - he was one of the earliest starters.
15:15 J15 called, first of the Open class, then 615 but then I had to deal with a phone call and missed a few. MS, F2 and DW I think, as later on I saw them waking under my window
15:20 290 and AC are coming home now and at 15:25 FDW, 333, 846, and at 15:30 K5, X8, KPE, KRF, 490 - it's beginning to get a bit busy out on the grass now.
15:35 W20 say he is very marginal, and at 15:42 347 calls 10km, as does C29 and 170
15:50 EHT is 10km out, with 264, 15:55 574, LS8, and I think it was KRF, and at 16:05 666, and W4
16:10 it's 933's turn, along with ETY, and a little bit behind them is 2ZC, then JKF, while at 16:26 it's 196, 547, 676 and DG, and behind them, 812
16:40 And EDW, the K21 has 10km to run! 16:45 KPO, but non comp (useful things these engines)

17:30 Scores are on line and being added to,
18:46 1000 point day in each class now. I'll upload the current scores in a couple of minutes, then settle down for the wind and airspace checks. And the last couple of loggers

Update: 24 out of 29 Sport Class pilots and 18 out of 22 Open Class pilots successfully completed their tasks.

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Day Winners
Sport Class

Derren Smith took first place on Day 5

Derren Smith won Day 5 in his PIK 20D

Will Ellis was secondon Day 5

Will Ellis lifted yet another day prize by coming second on Day 5

Gordon Craig, third on Day 5

Gordon Craig was third on Day 5

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