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Day Winners
Open Class

Derren Francis, winner on Day 4.

Derren Francis took first place on Day 4, at 86.7 kph

Dave Watt, second Day 4

Dave Watt, second, a mere 6 seconds slower than the winner.

Mark Holden took thrid place on Day 4

Mark Holden was placed third on Day 4

The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

Tuesday 26/07/2011 News, Day 4

8:00am It's a bit greyish outside just now, but after three consecutive days of racing, perhaps the older pilots would appreciate a day off. But we will wait and see.
10:00 Still thinking of tasks, watching a clearance on the sat. pictures.
Open Class: BC2 - TEN - NLE - BUC - BC1 = 261.5km - Task A
Or BC2 - PSE - NLE - BUC - BC1 = 179.4km - Task B
Sport Class: BC2 - BRO - NLE - BUC - BC1 =151.6km - Task A
Or BC2 - CGT - CHN - BUC - BC1 = 95.9km - Task B
These of course are very much dependant on what we see on the sat. picture getting here in time.
12:35 Still no launching yet.
12:48 It's brightening up and the Open class will launch in 15 mins on their Task A - launched and starting now.
And the Sporting ones are going to go on their Task A too.

13:34 933, followed by at 13:35 S27, and then 13:36 196 - but I missed a couple while buying some lunch
13:38 K5, J15, next at 13:40 170, then at 13:41 347, and at 13:42 LS8
13:44 666 and EHT, then at 13:49 676
13:53 RV, then at 13:55 KPO, followed by 13:58 290, then at 14:00 X8
14:04 490 14:20 W20 and some others I missed due to people talking at me
14:27 224, N51, 547 then at 14:30 264, 812, JKF, and at 14:32 574 and AC
14:33 MS then at 14:35 FDW, 2ZC, EAR, EDW, D8, D4 and at 14:37 DG - some of the Sporties aren't hanging around today.
14:39 HPM then at 14:45 D54, followed at 14:50 by 846,
14:55 C29 making a late start, then at 14:58 KJF restarts,
15:05 547 (again) + 379, then at 15:09 CU, KRF, DG (again) and at 15:11 RV
15:22 KRF (again) 15:30 547 (again) and then at 15:31 KDV (and we thought C29 started late...)

16:30 DW and F2 (disguised as M2) were the early finishers in the Open, as was 641 in the Sport, along with a couple others I missed.
16:35 and 547 finishes, with J15 a little later
16:48 768 and FDW at 10km, while at 17:09 LS8 and JKX called 10km
Although I know I've missed a few finishers, there are not many of them, and some crews have been called for retrieves.
17:22 AC, one of the later finishers just called.
17:32 K5 and X8 are 10km out - more Open class finishers
17:35 347 is 10km now - perhaps we will get a few more back after all
17:38 and to prove me right, 790 calls, as does 911 and 490
17:46 933 is next to call, but marginal
17:50 666 is coming home now - wonder what time I'll finish scoring this time. Being run over by a small boy on a bike will not help me sleep tonight.
17:54 KRF is marginal at 5km, Dg is coming back too. With 290 folowing 2 mins later.

19:50 Scoring between mouthfuls of food, and the results so far are now on line. They will be updated as the evening progresses.

23:40 It is now a 1000pt day in the Open class! after manually scoring one annoying logger. With one pilot to go, I might give up soon and do him in the morning. Sport class has a few little problems to sort before they will be finished completely, however.
12:05 And then the last Open class arrived, so I scored him,, checked clear of airspace and updated the web pages. I'm definately off to bed now!

Tuesday's Open class files, zipped

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Day Winners
Sport Class

Will wins, again

Will Ellis won Day 4 at 84.9kph.

Gerald was second on Day 4

Gerald Bass flew his Pegase to seocnd place on Day 4

Darren Smith came third on day 4

Darren Smith took third place on Day 4

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