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Day Winners
Open Class

Bob Bromwich, first on Day 5

Bob Bromwich won the AAT in his ASG29.

Bob King, second on Day 5

Bob King took second place on Day 5, flying his AWS27

Owain Walters, third on Day 5

Owain Walters was third on Day 5 in a Ventus 2

The Naviter-LX Bicester Regionals 2011

Wednesday 27/07/2011 News Day 5

7:45am It's look very (dan) grey out there, but they assure me that once again the boys and girls will be out racing yet again.

Tasks: An AAT has been set, but the sky locally is still not too encouraging, so we are holding back a bit. If it gets better we will add the task details later.
13:00 Still grid squatting.
14:00 Scary... They've called for the tugs to come out to play...
14:30 No launches yet.
14:45 They've just called first launch for 14:45, Open Class, on the 2 hour AAT. Better learn how to score an AAT sometime soon...Anyone got an instruction manual?

15:12 Well they are all up there now, apart from the Sport class who are thankful that their task has been scrubbed. Start times (and finish ones too) become a bit meaningless on an AAT, as you can't judge how well people have done, so I'll only give a general indication of who has started and finished.

15:30 - No hanging around, we've had about ten start already.

16:07 X8 has landed out...
There have been a few others landing out (or talking about how "attractive" Enstone looks from where they are) Others have landed back non-comp (ie missed a sector but avoided a field landing).
17:33 And DW has just called 10km out - a finisher. Well done, it looks tricky out there just now.
17:40 676 and now 290 are also 10km out. And 5 mins later J15 joins the gang. And after him, K5 calls a marginal 5km
18:00 M2 made it back too.

20:40 Scores have been on line for an hour or so, but we are still waiting for the last three pilots to report, and then airspace can be cleared up (not that I expect any penalties for this lot). I'll do the wind check soon.

22:20 If you wish to see where they all went on this AAT, then download this zip file containing all of today's traces. We plan to make all the logger files available in a single download after the comp is over.

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Day Winners
Sport Class

Everyone's idea of a great tug pilot

As the Sport class was scrubbed, I thought a picture of one of our tuggies would be a nice change...
Well I think she's a winner!

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