This exciting and very popular competition is set to run from 20 - 28th July 2019

We will provide more details closer to the date. But at the present moment, the Registration form is here
And that's also where, to secure your place in the Regionals, you pay your £50 deposit after completing the registration form.

This year the entry fee is again held at £215, with Juniors entry set at £95 (you must be under 25 on 1 Jan 2019 to qualify as Juniors).

Launch fees - we are expecting to charge £35 per aerotow, subject to changes in fuel prices.


LXavionics are providing a SkyEcho 2 as first prize in each class!
An ABS-B In and Out device which aids conspicuity of Flarm-free powered aircraft.

Mutual Crewing

We are planning to introduce mutual crewing for those who struggle to get a crew of their own. More details here


We are hoping to introduce some mentoring for less experienced pilots, if we can get the more experienced ones to help out. More details here.

Assuming that the handicap split will be between 99 and 100, the pilots currently entered are as follows:

Current Entry List

David Hope Ventus 2 18m
Guy Corbett Lak17AT 18m
Greg Corbett Kestrel 19m
Andrew Reid Ventus bT 16.6m
Alan Boyle Discus 2 CT 18m
Julia Robson Discus 2 C FES 18m
Rebecca Bryan Duo Discus T 20m
Chris Teagle Kestrel 19m
Bob Bromwich LAK 17b FES 18m
Peter Joslin ASW20b 15m
Ayala Truelove LS8 15m
Martin Durham LS8 15m
Mike Costin DG100t 20m
Paul Wright Nimbus 2 20.3m
Phil Dolan Duo Discus 20m
Dave Watt Ventus 2a 15m
James Best / Mick Boik Arcus 20m
Mick Webb Ventus 2
Bob King ASG29
Basil Fairston Silent 2 Electro 13.5m
Joshua Setford Ka6cr 15m
Peter Atkinson Acro Twin 3 18m
Mark Lawrence-Jones Discus bw 15m
Norman Parry Silent 2 Electro 13.5m
Mike Stephens Discus CS w 15m
Miles Bailey DG200 15m
James Shaw Vega 15m
Jeremy Beringer Open Cirrus 17.7m
Rod Connors Discus 15m
Steve Codd ASK18 16m
Andy Mayer Std Cirrus 15m
Oliver Bosanko Perkoz 20m
Luke Hornsey ASW20 15m
Alistair Emson Cirrus 15m
Ollie Wheeler Astir CS 15m
Sally Walker LS4 15m
Andy Elliott STD Libelle 15m
Tim Williamson Std Cirrus 15m
Tim Wheeler Std Cirrus 15m
Lloyd Finlay Discus 15m
Oleg Rzhondkovskyi Discus 15m
Christophe Mutricy Std. Cirrus 15m
John Staley LS4 15m

Undecided on glider

David Bray ??