This exciting and very popular competition is set to run from 25 July to 2nd August 2020

The entry fee is set at £220, and for Juniors at £100. The deposit to secure a place will be £50.
You can register and pay your deposit here.
We intend to limit the total entries to 50, the same as last year.

Launch fees - these are subject to changes in fuel prices, but we are expecting to charge £36.


We have had some very generous sponsorship in previous years, and hope to have the same in 2020. As one of the biggest Regionals in the country, any sponsor is sure to be noticed by many pilots. So feel free to apply to sponsor this popular competition.

We are awaiting final details of the sponsorship mentioned in the sidebars.

The handicap split will probably be those gliders less than 100 in the Sport/Club Class. And those of 100 and above in the Open Class.

Current Entries

Chris TeagleTBA
Liam BradyASG29 18m110
John ClarkNimbus 2c 20.3m106
Miles BaileyDG200 15m97
Dave BrayDG 505 Orion 20m98
David McCarthyVentus B 15m101
Bob BromwichVentus 3 18m111.5
Martin DurhamLS8 15m100
Dave HopeVentus 2 18m109
Chris ShortDiscus 2c 18m105
Jeremy BerringerOpen Cirrus 17.74m94
Mike StephensDiscus w 15m98.5
Rod ConnorsDiscus w 15m98.5
Pete AtkinsonTwin III 18m89
Eddie SmithASW15b 15m89
Andy MayerStd Cirrus 15m90
Simon ArmitageDiscus 15m98
Andy ElliottStd Libelle 15m89
Paul WrightNimbus 2 20.3m106
Ken BarkerTBA
Paul KayeLS8-18t106
Jon WandASH 26e110
Gwyn ThomasNimbus 3 25.5m116
Alistair EmsonStd Cirrus 15m90
Alex MaitlandVega 15m97
Geoff GlazebrookLs6c 17.5m106


Note: We haven't yet checked the handicaps are correct. So don't worry, they will be updated and scrutinised before the comp starts.
The list of entries will be updated at intervals as well, so don't panic if your entry isn't visible straight away.

Last Updated -18/02/2020




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