Bicester Corona Ladder and Grand Prix

Thank you all who participated, and I hope it helped take your mind off the current situation, if only for an hour or two a week. The final scores are now on the Condor Scores web page, and well done to the top scorers:

  1. James Best (44 point)
  2. Mick Webb (43 points)
  3. Ron Smith (37 point)
  4. Al Mac (35 point)
  5. Lee Hitchins (29 points)

A big congratulation to some of the less experienced glider pilots who took part, who still managed to score well in the virtual world - now you need to work on the real world side of your gliding.

Lead and Follow Expeditions

For the past few weeks we arranged some Lead and Follow expeditions, to indicate other aspects of gliding we do not readily encounter at Bicester.

If anyone is interested in any kind of training that can be carried out using Condor during the period when you are not able to get back to real flying, let me know and we can arrange something.

Good luck for your future gliding, from whichever club you have chosen to move to after the end of Club gliding at Bicester.