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Rainbow over the launch point bus.  Bicester - the pot gold for glider pilots

Details for nearby areas can be found if you use Skylink's latest weather link, you can zoom in to a general area, and view each site's equivalent current weather page. (Calculated cloud base uses the standard formula.)
Weather forecasts can be obtained from the same source as well - but check the wind speed units.

Bicester weather gives forecasts which include hour by hour details, with dew points, humidity and percentage chance of rain.
The Met Office gives local forecasts, but note that the gusts experienced are usually about 20% less than predicted.
This is the new updated version, and it now includes the three suggestions I sent the Met Office when it was first being tested!

RASP local forecast summary for Bicester Airfield today - check the date.

The following are useful links to weather forecasts for the airfield. In summer use them to assess the cross-country potential of the day. At other times, use them to assess whether or not it is flyable.

Dunstable Weather RASP viewer for UK (map interface) Rasp Viewer Home
Nympsfield Weather Met Office Current Rain Radar - Meteox rain is better.
Lasham Weather Met Office IR Sat Image
BBC Weather Met Office Vis Sat Image
Meteoblue UK Synoptic-Met Office also Synoptic
XCWeather Meteo Blue - various met services - many excellent detailed charts. Good rain and lightning radar, and uk forecasts.
Meteox Rain Radar Left click the animation near Oxford and it zooms, adds town names, and more details.
Great Weather - hundreds of weather links - claims 1500 links!
Metcheck aviation - includes wind at altitude. Meteox Visible Sat
Weather commerce - lots of maps Meteo Group - interesting weather maps and other things

rssWeather - actuals from some nearby airfields

UK soundings - read the instructions on the left.

WeatherOnline - lots of data, big site, some "expert" data

WeatherWeb.Net - Lots of useful info, from a pro weatherman

TheWeatherOutlook - Another good forecasting site, includes graphs of coming weather conditions.

Webcams - large list (WeatherJack's) BBC list of web cams
(very much a lucky-dip sort of list)
Jet stream animation Shows where it is relative to UK

Jet stream tutorial How the jetstream affects UK weather

Another jet stream tutorial from the Met Office
The youtube version of the above lists other similar videos in the Up Next list.

Stefan Becker's weather video course. There are 20+ videos available.

If you start on the first video of Stefan's course, as is normal in such tutorials, when it finishes it offers you the next one in the series.

Online course in meteorology

Another Met course

NOAA weather tutorials topics are on the right

Intro to Met for pilots

Tutorial including on soundings

WeatherJack's sounding tutorial


Finally, what gliding web site would be complete without a link to WeatherJack? (Answers on a postcard to...). Lots of good resources are linked to on that page. Equally important, you should look at his collection of weather resources and tutorials to expand your knowledge of weather forecasting.